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Augmented Orchestra is a beautiful, intimate augmented reality trail throughout Chinatown. Find all the signs located on the map below to activate films of young musicians from the Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra playing wonderful music. Follow the instructions below and explore Chinatown and discover new music, new instruments and new culture.


1. Download Junaio app (it’s free) 

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2. Open Junaio, hover over image, press scan

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3. Wait, (20 secs max), watch film, visit Chinatown


First Take is an award-winning filmmaking and new media organisation specialising in working with diverse communities and on artistic collaborations, producing edgy, authentic and vibrant stories.  First Take makes films to make a difference.  Our latest feature film is 'Big Society The Musical', which opened the London Labour Film Festival 2014.  Here is the trailer.  

Pagoda Arts aspires to be a high quality organisation; to introduce Chinese Culture to a wide and diverse community and to develop our unique Youth Orchestra to be at the cutting edge of contemporary and classical Chinese and Western music.