Filming started in February 2010 and is now completed. Producer Nicola Mitchell explains, “We have been working on this film engaging local people including actors, dancers, singers and amazing talent. We have been supported by many organisations throughout Liverpool but what makes the film special is that everyone volunteered their time because they believe in the project. And now the film is finished we want to get it out there.” We aim to take this project and tour the festival circuit before finally bringing this story home and into local cinemas. We can only do this with your support.

We have a target of £12,000 in order to complete the film’s editing process and bring this dramatic piece of social realism to life. Director Lynne Harwood urges you to help us achieve this, ‘It’s been a brilliant process; but now we want people to see it, be a part of it and maybe go out of the cinema singing the message of the film ‘it’s our Big Society not yours’. That would be something “.

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We need YOU to help Big Society The Musical get into cinemas around the country.

By making a stand against the cuts, becoming part of the Silent Protest Army and donating just £3 towards completion of the project. We’ve finished all the filming, everyone has worked so hard to make it happen, giving time, locations, skills and talent, NOW we need some funding to complete the editing process and get our message out there.

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whats the money for?

Online edit - The online edit will give the project a brilliant filmic finish, it will include full sound design and music scape in surround sound, it will involve going into a professional edit suite and having the film fully graded to look the business. As well as exporting it so it can be sent to festivals. A total cost of £6000

Promotion and Marketing - We want as many people as possible to know about our project, champion our project and support it. We therefore want to produce flyers, posters, promotional goods and DVD packaging to represent the quality of the film. £4000 would support this element.

Festival submissions - We want to make this film and the people who supported it, known world wide. To do this we are targeting around six high profile film festivals. Each festival carries submission fee's of 125-150Euro's. We need to allocate around £2000 to achieve entry