First Take's national and international films

Big Society - The Musical

A piece of social realism set in Liverpool against the backdrop of the cuts.  Written by a team of fabulously talented local writers including the RTS award-winning writer Esther Wilson.  It stars Paula Simms as the lead character Linda and the amazing Lady Sian as herself.  It also features many other Liverpool based arts organisations such as the wonderful ‘Sense of Sound’ with Jennifer John cast as Lorraine. Visit the dedicated webpage here


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We are currently working on a feature co-production ‘Enough’ with German Producer Sven Schnell, which is based in the world of direct activism and is presently in development.  Written by Lynne Harwood, working with Script Consultant Sarah Golding (Constant Gardener)

Pink: Past and Present

Liverpool’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) history from 1950s to the present day as told by the heroes and sheroes of the LGBT community. Check out the fantastic website here 

“It is not only a moving and inspirational film but also a fantastic insight into Liverpool’s LGBT community”                           Councillor Wendy Simon

Cabinet member for Culture and Tourism

Enough Rope

Based on a true story ‘Enough Rope’ was screened at BAFTA as one of the ‘Best of the North West’, it received official selection for Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival and Radar Hamburg International Film Festival BAFTA award-winning Vicky McClure who played the lead in the film said:

“I loved everything about it, the script, the writing, the people. It’s the best experience I’ve had on any film. And the story, the emotion was just immense"


Produced on our talent development scheme that was funded by the UK Film Council this emotional slice of life drama spotlights three lives as they cross on the Welsh mountains of Snowdonia. It received official selection at Clearwater Film Festival in Florida

Morgan's Organs

A quirky dark comedy follows a young boy on his quest to find a heart. Broadcast through Canal+ in France and 12 African Countries and a winner of a First Take audience award.


A magical reality drama of how an old lady keeps in touch with the past and her lost love. Nominated for ‘Femme Fantastique’ award at London International Short Film Festival  and BBC Best of the North West.