We have developed award winning, engaging and exciting methods of teaching a wide range of technical and artistic film techniques. We provide training packages for adults and young people. Many projects have been awarded ‘best practice’ We bring creativity, industry knowledge, experience of new media and energy and enthusiasm to every project.

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young people training

  • 5 day package idea, train, film, edit. See our young people page
  • tackle issues important to you using film
  • make school promo made by your young people
  • create fresh young drama for the screen and web
  • build confidence, teambuilding and technical and creative skills

adult training

  • bespoke training in screenwriting, filmmaking, editing or new media
  • participatory learn filmmaking and make your own film with FT mentor
  • talent development our award-winning work with UK Film Council
  • vocational training such as our acclaimed SHORTCUTS course.

If you need accreditation, we can provide OCN qualification.  First Take are here to help and we pride ourselves on providing a flexible and friendly service. Do you want to discuss your project or need help with funding? We can help you with that too.

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